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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Marugelara : Thiagarajar Krithi

Marukelara O Raghava : Ragam: jayantashree

Composer: Tyaagaraaja;  Language: Telugu

Marukelara O RaghavaA

Marugela charachara rupa paratpara suya sudhakra lochana

Anni nivanusu antarangamuna dinnaga vedaki telisi kontinayya
Ninne gani madi nennajala norula nannu brovavayya thyagarajanuta

Marugu : Screen
Elara : Why 

Chara : the one which moves
achara : the one which does not move
Rupa : who has the form of
Paratpara : the one who is beyond all / everything
Surya : Sun
Sudhakara : Moon
Lochana : eyes

Vetagi : Having searched
Antarangamuna : confidential / inner most thoughts & feelings
Tinnaga : Have directly
Telusukontini : Perceived / understood
Nivanusu : you alone
Anni : everything

Ninne : you
Gani : other than
Madini : in my mind
Jalaju : I shall not
Enna : Even think about
orula : of anyone
Ayya : O Rama
Nuta : Praised
Brovu : protect
Nannu : Me

O Raghava (Lord Rama)! Why are you concealing yourself? 

The Universe itself is your form! The Sun and the moon are your eyes. By deep contemplation, inquiry, and search, I have directly perceived that you are everything, and everything is within you. 

There is no place in my mind for any other God. Please protect me

Discussion of the Meaning : 

In this song, Thiyagaiyar asks Rama to come before him. He says O Rama, why are you concealing yourself? Lord is concealed with a screen called maya. Only the lord can remove the screen. Thiyaggaiyar says that inspite of you having the screen, I have perceived you. Your trick of having the screen hence is useless. Why keep it any longer? Please remove it and come before me. 

He also asks Rama, "Can you even try to conceal yourself?". There is clear proof of Lord's existence. There is the Sun and the moon - which are the two eyes of Rama. The world itself is there and functioning which again shows that the Lord is there. How can HE conceal HIMSELF? 

The song reminds me of "Tera tiyagaraadhaa" in Goulibandhu where he asks Lord Venketeswara of Thirupathi as to when the screen will be lifted which is separating him and the God. While there is actually a screen which is placed between the idol of the God and us sometimes, Thyagaraja is not referring to that alone. He is also referring to the screen of maya which separates us from seeing the God. 

It is said that one of the five things that the God does is "Thirodhanam" - which is "concealing". While typically "Thirodhanam" is attributed to Lord Shiva / Goddess Lalitha who carries out the five different activities (As Lalitha Sahasranamam says - "Pancha kritya parayana" : Srishti, Sthithi, Samharam, Thirodhanam & Anugraham), it looks as if Thiyagaiyar is referring to the act of "Thirodhanam" here as well as in the other song - tera tiyagaradha. 

Listen to Maharajapuram Santhanam singing Marugelara here:

Marugelara by Maharajapuram Santhanam